Creative Touches By PJ

PJ began her web design business in the late 1990’s.  She then enter into more than a partnership with someone who would become like a soul sister to her.  Together PJ and Judith Ingram created a successful Web Design and Host Service.  In the past few years PJ began to become ill and after many tests she was informed she has ALS.  In 2014 her condition grew worse.  In 2015 she struggled to continue on ... but now in 2016 she has been forced to give up what she loved so much in life (besides her family whom she loves most).  PJ’s condition has left her helpless and the expense of it all has left a great toll upon her.  Her loving and caring family set up a fund raising to to help with the cost.

Although this outreach began as a hopeful way that PJ could enjoy life more fully, it has now reached a point where the generous donations will be helpful in making her last days less worrisome in getting her affairs together. Sadly her illness is rapidly increasing and her needs becoming more challenging. I know she is grateful for each and every one who not only have given - or will give - a donation, but also all those who hold her in their prayers - a priceless gift. Her time is very short and the days are passing too quickly.

A beautiful lady ~ A gentle soul ~ A spirit filled heart.

We Love You PJ

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